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A qualified lawyer and seasoned business professional, Madame Geingos spent 15 years in the financial sector as a private equity and corporate governance expert prior to becoming the First Lady of the Republic of Namibia in 2015. As First Lady, she has used her expertise and platform to combat inequality and break the poverty cycle by maximizing the potential and opportunities of Namibians through a key initiative known as the One Economy Foundation.

Last year, Madame Geingos was awarded the 2018 Leadership Award, on behalf of the public sector, at the 2018 Concordia Annual Summit. The Concordia Leadership Award recognizes global leaders within the public, private, and nonprofit sectors who have made pioneering contributions and inspired others through their ability to turn vision into social impact on complex global challenges.

In February 2019, Concordia was proud to welcome Madame Geingos as a Speaker at the inaugural 2019 Concordia Africa Initiative in London, where she shared her insight into the important realm of public-private sector collaboration as it relates to facilitating, growing, and steering robust private equity markets in African countries.

“Madame Geingos brings with her first-hand insight into the intrinsic relationship between social challenges and financial trends—in particular, the critical role of business in helping governments solve socio-economic challenges,” commented Concordia Co-Founders Nicholas Logothetis and Matthew Swift. “Her wealth of expertise across both the private and public sectors places her in a unique position, and we look forward to drawing on both her experience and passion as we build out our Africa Initiative. Welcome to the Concordia Leadership Council, Madame Geingos!”

Upon accepting the invitation, Madame Geingos commented: “Concordia has successfully managed to use its convening power to strengthen partnerships that deepen social impact. I am honoured to join the esteemed Leadership Council and look forward to working to strengthen the capacity of communities across the world to reach their potential.”

For a full list of Leadership Council Members, visit https://www.concordia.net/leadershipcouncil/