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Under the theme, “Conversations for Innovations: The Private Sector and ‘Next Education’”, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Concordia brought together the brightest minds in the education sector at the IDB headquarters in Washington DC on June 5th.

A smaller, more intimate gathering, the event served as a jumping off point to shape and reshape global and regional education agendas. The conversation focused on the need for private sector engagement and financing for a better and well-educated workforce.

Development would not occur without education and participants from around the world had an opportunity to share their experiences, perspectives, and frustrations with the current education system. The group then worked to come up with long-term scalable education reforms.

Concordia and IDB will continue the conversation. If governments, private corporations, and nonprofits continue to sign on board and the roadmap to a better global education continues to evolve, everyone stands to benefit. 


This meeting was meant to start a joint effort in planning for that future and jump start a higher value added conversation. The following images serve as a visualization of what was discussed (Click the Image to see a larger version).

IDB_2of7_Facts IDB_3of7_IntractableProblems IDB_4of7_NextGenSkills IDB_5of7_Technology IDB_6of7_HigherEd IDB_7of7_FosterInnovation