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Concordia’s Board of Directors has announced Director Committee Assignments as well as the formation of two new Committees: Budget & Investment and Nominating & Governance. 

The Audit Committee, chaired by Adriana Henriquez, consists of Nicholas Logothetis, Regina Sheridan, Tatiana Torres, and KJ Wang, and is responsible for reviewing financial results, audit results, and internal controls, as well as ensuring adherence to applicable laws and regulations.

Rodney Ferguson will chair the newly-formed Budget & Investment Committee composed of Directors Matthew Swift, Nicholas Logothetis, Caroline Scullin, Charity Wallace, and Tatiana Torres. The Budget & Investment Committee oversees the Endowment as well as the formation and approval of annual budgets and the development of strategic institutional plans, among other responsibilities. 

Caroline Scullin will chair the newly-formed Nominating & Governance Committee, composed of Directors Nicholas Logothetis, Regina Sheridan, KJ Wang, and Cordell Carter. The Nominating & Governance Committee oversees the continuing review and articulation of the Board’s governance structure and practices, in addition to advising on directorship practices and the function and duties of the Board Committees. 

Concordia’s Board plays a key role in ensuring the continued success and growth of the organization, while staying true to the core social impact-focused mission. Board Members bring to the table a distinct area of expertise, whether that be hands-on experience in building successful cross-sector partnerships for social impact, or sharp management acumen that ensures a path toward sustainable finances, operations and strict legal & ethical compliance. The full Board of Directors can be found here.  

For any questions, contact Board Secretary Benjamin Plumer at bplumer@concordia.net.