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Concordia is delighted to announce VISA as a Lead Programming Sponsor for the upcoming 2020 Annual Summit.

Launched in 1958, VISA has grown into a global payments technology company connecting consumers, businesses, banks, and governments in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. VISA recognizes that in order to build a more resilient and inclusive society, everyone must be able to access and benefit from digital innovation and technology. Building digital equity is a long-term commitment that can only be fulfilled if public and private sectors work collaboratively to bridge the digital divide. 

VISA will present a Main Stage session on digital equity at the upcoming 2020 Annual Summit. This programming sponsorship will explore the critical need for digital equity, particularly in an age where our lives and business are conducted online. Digital platforms are impacting individuals, businesses, and economies with great promise, but with great peril to those who fail to employ that technology.

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