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Committed to fostering a world in which every person can seek asylum in the wake of violence, persecution, war, or natural disaster, UNHCR seeks to protect the lives and rights of refugees. 

At the 2020 Annual Summit, Concordia and UNHCR will co-host a panel focusing on the power of technology in refugee education. The session will also aim to highlight how potential corporate partners can mobilize support from financial investment through to provision of hardware and content creation. Inclusive technology has proven to be transformational in the learning experience, ultimately encouraging the need for greater access.

In previous summits, such as the 2018 Annual Summit, UNHCR participated as a programming partner with the H&M Foundation where plenary panelists described the advantages of refugees to host communities, in hopes of encouraging a new narrative. 

Concordia is excited to partner with UNHCR once again in efforts to enhance the refugee experience and ignite greater conversations surrounding refugee welfare.

Under this programming partnership, UNHCR and Concordia will continue to advocate for the rights and needs of refugees.