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Concordia is excited to welcome the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) back as a 2020 Programming Partner. 

USGLC is a nonprofit organization that seeks to strengthen diplomacy and development in the U.S. through strategic investment. An advocate of a strong international affairs budget, USGLC is persistent in maintaining effective forign policy and national security in order to bolster American leadership. 

USGLC was a programming partner during the 2019 Annual Summit, in which they hosted the Building Economic Prosperity by Creating Shared Value Main Stage panel. In this session, panelists delved into the concept of shared value, and how companies and organizations can fully achieve this. 

During the 2020 Annual Summit, USGLC will partake in the COVID-19 Response & Recovery Concordia Action Alliance programmatic block, highlighting how leadership in the U.S. has impacted the global pandemic response, and how future pandemics can be better prevented. It is only with conversations such as these that the global world can enact a stronger structure and therefore more efficient procedures.