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The Rockefeller Foundation identifies and accelerates breakthrough solutions, ideas, and collaborations to end energy poverty, achieve health for all, nourish the world, and expand economic opportunity. This is in keeping with the foundation’s mission—unchanged since 1913—of using science and data to promote the well-being of humanity throughout the world.

By mobilizing private capital and through its convening power, The Rockefeller Foundation has been able to provide over $17 billion to support thousands of organizations and individuals worldwide. This year, it will further position itself to drive a more equitable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and support global development at scale. 

During the Annual Summit, The Rockefeller Foundation’s President, Dr. Rajiv Shah, will participate in a Main Stage fireside chat designed to inspire and foster large-scale change that promotes the well-being of humanity through the identification and acceleration of catalytic capital, breakthrough solutions, ideas, and conversations. 

The Rockefeller Foundation and Concordia are aligned in their joint mission to develop an environment that fosters social progress. 

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