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Concordia is proud to announce Space for Giants, an international conservation organization that protects the wildlife landscapes of Africa’s elephants, as a Programming Partner for the upcoming 2020 Annual Summit. 

Founded in 2011, Space for Giants protects elephants and their landscapes by raising awareness of the value they generate for both people and nations, particularly in terms of biodiversity, livelihoods and enterprise, new medicines, carbon storage, and even the very oxygen we breathe. 

Space for Giants has launched, along with The Independent, the Stop the Illegal Wildlife Trade campaign, which amplifies efforts to end the illegal trade of wildlife parts and promote a more ethical future. The campaign supports communities, rangers, and prosecutors by providing vital help and resources to fight the illegal wildlife trade. With a lack of tourism revenue in recent months curtailing wildlife protection programs and fueling illegal poaching, this conservation investment is critical. 

Under this partnership, Concordia will elevate Space for Giants’ conservation efforts and foster cross-sector partnerships that will end the trade and use of wild products, enabling us to build a safer, more ethical future.

To learn more about Space for Giants, click here.