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Concordia is proud to announce Rubicon as Principal Sponsor and Sustainability Partner for the upcoming 2020 Annual Summit. Rubicon is a software company leading the way to reduce and ultimately eliminate waste as we know it. 

Rubicon’s laser focus, on ending waste in all its forms, has garnered it a reputation as the 21st Century solution to waste problems worldwide. By engaging in cross-sector collaboration, Rubicon is able to provide smart waste and recycling solutions to businesses and governments worldwide. 

Rubicon Founder & CEO Nate Morris, a thought leader on environmental sustainability, has committed the company to ending waste and promoting a circular economy in line with the 2030 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By incorporating technology to help its partners find economic value in their waste streams, and analyzing data for businesses and governments worldwide, Rubicon has transformed the entire category of waste and recycling and is able to confidently execute on its sustainability goals. 

Rubicon will be featured extensively in the Environmental Sustainability programming block of the 2020 Annual Summit. Both Concordia and Rubicon will co-host a Main Stage session designed to showcase Rubicon’s pioneering work to end waste and present the company’s ambitious goals. More broadly, the session will explore the role of private-public collaboration in providing sustainable and responsible solutions to ending waste in all its forms, while also elevating the role of technological innovation in advancing progress in this space. 

To learn more about Rubicon, click here.