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Concordia is delighted to announce MEBO International as a Corporate Sponsor for the upcoming 10th Anniversary Celebration at the 2020 Annual Summit.

Founded in 1987, MEBO International has emerged as a world leader in regenerative medicine. Having established training bases in hundreds of hospitals across the globe, the biotech innovator has enabled thousands of physicians to receive world-class instruction on the latest and most cutting-edge regenerative medical technology. With its deep medical expertise and dedication to training health workers, MEBO International has carried out crucial work to advance COVID-19 recovery and, in the long term, is paving the path toward a more nimble, more inclusive global response to disasters, as well as a more robust global capacity to prevent and prepare for these disasters. 

MEBO International’s stewardship as a Corporate Sponsor will ensure that Concordia’s 10th Anniversary Celebration will be as captivating and powerful as possible. The Celebration will perfectly encapsulate our shared commitment to adequately preparing for and responding to disasters: the Celebration will mark the launch of the Action Fund, an integral component of the Concordia Action Alliance that will offer catalytic grant funding aimed at accelerating collaborations around disaster management. The Fund aims to disperse $100,000 in its first year. 

Current circumstances have made clear the need to place disaster preparedness, recovery, and resiliency at the top of the global agenda, and MEBO International’s emphasis on regenerative medicine and on rigorous, innovative medical training proves critical. We’re proud to join forces with MEBO International, and are excited for what’s to come.

To learn more about MEBO International, click here.