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With the effects of climate change becoming unavoidable, it is imperative that we engage in collective action to save our planet and our future. One company at the forefront of these efforts is Credit Suisse, our Lead Programming Sponsor for the 2020 Annual Summit.

 A pioneer in sustainable investing for almost two decades, Credit Suisse views finance not as an end in itself but rather as a means to realize ambitious objectives, striving to support clients as they adapt their business models and portfolios to join the transition to a more sustainable economic system. Through providing innovative financial solutions that target the most pressing social and environmental issues, Credit Suisse aspires to partner with its clients on their mission to “generate returns, sustainably”.

Concordia is proud to work with Credit Suisse, and recognizes its leadership in environmental sustainability. During the 2020 Annual Summit, Credit Suisse will play a key role in exploring how the private and public sectors can foster partnerships to explicitly and proactively address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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