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This week, Concordia received an honor from the Congress of Colombia. Bestowed by Congressman Federico Hoyos of the Colombian House of Representatives, the award recognizes the great degree of commitment and dedication of Concordia to furthering democratic initiatives on the ground in Colombia.

Given to individuals and organizations focused on improving communities around the world, as well as helping the Republic of Colombia, the award signifies Concordia’s unparalleled work in Colombia. In February of this year, Concordia held its Americas Summit in Bogotá, Colombia, bringing together—by invitation—over 200 public and private sector leaders to address the political and economic priorities of Colombia, and the region more broadly, through the lens of partnership. The Summit was co-chaired by Amb. Juan Carlos Pinzón, Ambassador of Colombia to the United States, and Alfonso Gómez Palacio, President of Telefónica Colombia, and conversations spanned three major issue areas, including regional corruption, the historic peace deal, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Among high-ranking government officials, CEOs, and leaders of multilateral organizations, the Summit featured the current President of the Republic of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, as well as former Presidents Álvaro Uribe Vélez and Andrés Pastrana Arango. Hearing from three heads of state representing varying viewpoints on often polarizing national and regional issues marked historical significance in the country.

Concordia’s Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, Matthew A. Swift, attended the ceremony in person on Tuesday, October 31st 2017. He commented: “On behalf of Concordia, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Federico Hoyos and the Congress of Colombia. Earlier this year, we were honored to host our first-ever international convening in Colombia, during which we explored critical issues affecting the country and region more broadly. The Summit marked the first convening in five years that brought together the past three Presidents, from across the political spectrum, and demonstrates our commitment to radical inclusivity and nonpartisan discussion.”

Swift was accompanied by María Paula Correa, Concordia’s Senior Director of Strategic Engagement, who stated: “We are immensely proud to receive this award, which recognizes our efforts in bringing all parties to the table in order to generate lasting solutions to the region’s pressing challenges. I look forward to strengthening our relationship with Colombia as we continue to facilitate cross-sector partnerships to fuel social impact.”