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As a member-based organization dedicated to actively fostering cross-sector partnerships for social impact, nothing makes us prouder than when our convenings help advance conversations that turn into tangible partnerships, initiatives, and actions. During our 2018 Annual Summit, the founders of Indiegrow, a Colombian-based company that develops tools to improve the quality of life of coffee growers, had the opportunity to connect with the United Nations PeaceBuilding Fund and Mercy Corps. 

After a series of conversations, IndieGrow decided to build an alliance called Caficultora 2.0. This program aims to improve the autonomy and economic empowerment of 50 female heads of household who have coffee production units between 1 and 1.6 hectares of coffee, in order to directly connect them with consumers across the globe. Today Indiegrow, Mercy Corps & CAFICAUCA, with the financial backing of the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund for Sustaining Peace in Colombia and the UN PeaceBuilding Fund, have built an initiative with enormous economic, social, and environmental impact. Thanks to these organizations’ efforts, women coffee growers in Colombia are able to sell their organic roasted coffee to consumers, increase their income, and receive training in marketing, coffee-growing technical knowledge, and human rights.

It is without a doubt that this is what Concordia’s partnerships for social impact mission is all about. 

To learn more about this initiative visit www.indiegrow.co