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BY: Regina Hubard
Executive Director

On February 3rd, Concordia hosted its first international event in London. With over 100 guests in attendance and former President of Mexico Felipe Calderón Hinojosa as the keynote speaker, discussion centered on the power of P3s. A Q&A with President Calderón followed.

London Photo Nick Calderon - Concordia Hosts Felipe Calderón Hinojosa at its First International Event in London

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and Concordia Co-Founder Nicholas Logothetis at Concordia dinner in London

President Calderón passionately described the role P3s have played in his country. For Mexico, 2012 was pivotal for public-private partnership (P3) proponents when a new federal law, Ley de Asociaciones Público Privadas, was passed. Today, Mexico touts a full legal framework for implementing infrastructure projects through P3s and maintains an auspicious future.

Collaborating with both the public and private sectors, President Calderón made an unparalleled push toward improving Mexico’s infrastructure during his administration. While addressing Concordia’s audience, President Calderón highlighted the example of the Baluarte Bridge, a project developed within a P3 framework, traversing some of Mexico’s harshest environments from Mazatlán to Durango. The bridge stands taller than either the Eiffel Tower or two stacked Washington Monuments. (It also ironically originates in the city of Concordia, Sinaloa). The bridge aims to spur trade and economic development and was lauded by President Calderón as a way to “unite the people of northern Mexico as never before.”

Infrastructure boosts such as this can drastically improve a country’s competitive edge. By creating P3s in infrastructure, countries can provide themselves with tools for economic growth. Mexico serves as just one shining example.

Concordia was thrilled to host President Calderón and all guests at the London regional event. We look forward to future international gatherings and further spreading P3 awareness in different regions of the world.