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Marking a significant development in the evolution of the Europe Initiative, Concordia is pleased to announce a partnership with NATO for its 2023 Europe Summit. NATO will be formally acknowledged as ‘Strategic Convener’ for the 2023 Concordia Europe Summit, taking place June 15-16 in Madrid, Spain. 

At a time when democracy, peace, and security is increasingly under threat, sparked by a raging war on the European continent and a growing authoritarian impulse around the world, Concordia is proud to formally partner with NATO. The 2023 Europe Summit will hear from NATO officials, including David van Weel, NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, and Radoslava Stefanova, Head of the Integrated Air and Missile Defence Section in NATO’s Defence Investment Division

“NATO’s understanding of security goes beyond deterrence and defence. Issues such as energy, climate, and cyber have a profound impact on our security and can affect NATO Allies in unpredictable ways. Discussing these issues in fora such as this, and involving the private and the public sector is key to achieve security and stability,” said Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges David van Weel.

“We are humbled and honored as an institution to partner with NATO at such a historical time for the Alliance. We look forward to advancing important ideals around public and private sector cooperation within defense,” commented Matthew Swift, Concordia’s Co-Founder & CEO.  

As a central pillar of a rules-based international order upon which our collective security and prosperity depend, NATO adds an indispensable voice to many of the challenges Concordia seeks to address as an organization. 

To learn more about engagement opportunities at the 2023 Europe Summit, please contact partnerships@concordia.net