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Concordia is proud to continue its partnership with Google as a 2021 Annual Summit Patron Sponsor. At the Concordia Summit, Google and the Portulans Institute will launch a groundbreaking Future Readiness Index in support of national digital readiness across key areas of technology, innovation and talent.

At Concordia’s 2020 Americas and Africa Summits, Concordia and Google teamed up to host conversations on how emerging markets can most effectively leverage digital transformation to bring about sustainable and inclusive economic growth. At the center of these conversations was Google’s new ‘Digital Sprinters,’ framework (read more about it here). 

“Last year, we collaborated with Google to roll out its Digital Sprinters program in the Americas and across Africa,” commented Concordia’s Co-Founder & CEO, Matthew Swift. “Building on this effort, this year Google is launching its Future Readiness Index on the global stage of the Annual Summit. This unprecedented tool will be crucial to driving the post-COVID economic recovery through digital transformation, and I’m excited to deepen our partnership with this truly innovative global company.”

Emerging markets have some of the most vibrant economies and greatest entrepreneurial energy in the world. With the right policy frameworks, they can become digital launching pads for future innovation. That’s why we’re excited to continue our partnership with Concordia as we work to help emerging markets use technology to drive sustainable economic growth,” commented Kent Walker, Google’s SVP for Global Affairs.