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Concordia is partnering with the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP), nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to understanding and supporting new and emerging democracies in the Middle East. We are proud to enter our fourth year of programming partnership, which has manifested through yearly programming sessions and member engagements.

Set within the framework of Concordia’s Diplomacy & Defense Programming Pipeline, this year-round partnership will jointly engage the communities of both organizations through action-oriented programming. Concordia’s Diplomacy & Defense Pipeline focuses on issues ranging from national security challenges and cybersecurity threats to peacebuilding efforts and rapprochements, with Members, Advisors, and Partners working together to address narratives of great power politics, the increasing presence of non-state actors, and regional political stability.

The partnership will leverage TIMEP’s vast network of voices from the region in order to fuel on-the-ground developments and provide US and EU policy recommendations for the Middle East. By engaging an influential group of cross-sector leaders in the human rights space, the partnership will strive to secure new avenues of collaboration to deliver TIMEP’s analysis, research, and advocacy resources to a wider international audience, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the national dialogue concerning the Middle East and promoting well-founded policy in the region. Additionally, this partnership will seek to elevate marginalized voices from the region onto a global stage, an approach aligned with Concordia’s commitment to inclusivity across its programming.

At last year’s 2017 Annual Summit, Concordia partnered with TIMEP for a plenary stage session titled ‘Freedoms, Diplomacy & Human Rights in the Middle East,’ featuring Dr. Nancy Okail, Executive Director of TIMEP, Aya Hijazi, President of Belady – Island for Humanity, and Dr. Bassem Youssef, Former Host of AlBernameg. While broadly discussing the Middle East, the session focused on Egypt in particular, and examined the political climate following the Egyptian revolution of 2011 and the importance of ensuring that the country’s structural foundations are conducive to a democracy.

This year, the partnership will seek to continue these critical conversations around democracy in the Middle East—through the lens of cross-sector collaboration—to an influential and international platform.  

To learn more about TIMEP, please visit https://timep.org/

To learn more about the 2018 Concordia Annual Summit, please visit https://www.concordia.net/annualsummit/2018annualsummit/


We are pleased to enter another year of partnership programming with Concordia to bring our original research and policy analysis to their platform that encourages robust discussion through interdisciplinary collaboration, engagement of local voices, and audience engagement. We hope to elevate conversations about rule of law and US & EU policy towards an ever-changing political climate in the Middle East to provide meaningful analysis to broader conversations at Concordia on the global state of the region,” Dr. Nancy Okail, Executive Director of TIMEP

“Human rights remains a key area of focus for Concordia, and our programming partnership with TIMEP this year will advance our efforts in this space. I look forward to combining the on-the-ground insight of TIMEP’s activists and experts with our global platform, in order to take these critical conversations to the next level in our search for collaborative solutions to advancing diplomacy in the Middle East,” Matthew Swift, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Concordia