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In line with Concordia’s mission, the 2022 Lexington Summit will further create impactful partnerships that not only address drivers of division and improve economic empowerment for all, but that also address the future of technology, trade, environmental sustainability, and much more. Given the importance of this convening, Nate Morris, Chair of the 2022 Lexington Summit and Founder & CEO of Rubicon, pens a letter to the Concordia community:

Dear friends, 

Rubicon, the company I lead as Founder & CEO, has been built on the premise that innovation can come from anywhere, including the heartland. As we grapple with the challenges America faces in defining a more prosperous future, candid discussions about viable solutions are required. That is why I am honored to announce that I am working in coordination with Concordia, one of the world’s leading convening forums, to host an inaugural summit on issues facing the United States. 

The 2022 Concordia Lexington Summit will convene in Lexington, Kentucky to advance conversations and cooperation around how we, as a country, will help to bridge many of the growing socio-economic and cultural divides. Concordia has a long track record of bringing together diverse voices from across industries, sectors, and regions to find lasting solutions to pressing global issues. By partnering with Concordia, I am confident we will be able to spark much-needed dialogue in a genuine and forthright manner. The Concordia Lexington Summit will address workforce development, the impact of global trade, the ever-expanding opioid epidemic, the role of technology in society, and environmental sustainability. This is a huge opportunity for Lexington, and I am excited and proud to be elevating these important discussions and placing Kentucky firmly on the national stage. 

In the coming weeks, Concordia will outline the objectives and desired outcomes of this important gathering. I am honored to serve as Chairman of this important initiative, and I hope you will join us in Lexington. 

Nate Morris Signature blue - A Letter from Nate Morris

Nate Morris
Founder & CEO