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Dear friends,

First of all, thank you for reading. You’ll notice that this note is a little different from what you’re probably expecting, but as a Concordia Leadership Council Member, I wanted to take the opportunity to send my regards in these difficult times.

Without a doubt, this is an unprecedented, once-in-a-century crisis. Very few people could have predicted the full extent with which this has gripped the nation, and I think it’s fair to say that we are unlikely to witness a pandemic of this magnitude again in our lifetime. As the outbreak continues to sweep across the globe at an alarming pace, drastically altering life as we know it, what’s abundantly clear is that the world must unite to tackle a crisis of this sheer scale. Our only hope for controlling and overcoming this pandemic lies in multifaceted collaboration among leaders, sectors, industries, states, and countries.

In times like these, I’m particularly proud to sit on Concordia’s Leadership Council. Concordia is a leading organization on the world stage, with a unique ability to gather diverse—and, oftentimes, disparate—voices to hold difficult conversations and drive meaningful outcomes. More than ever before, the role of Concordia is critical, especially if we are to take the path to recovery and overcome today’s crisis as both a country and a world.

For those of you already engaged with Concordia, thank you. Thank you for lending your voice, shaping policy, and enacting solutions. For those of you not yet engaged with Concordia, I urge you to give this much consideration. Concordia’s 10th Annual Summit is taking place on September 20-22. Planning is well underway and we’ll be determining the format—whether digital or in-person—over the coming weeks, in close consultation with ongoing CDC guidelines. With an underlying focus on partnerships, collaboration, and unity, the Annual Summit will welcome a powerful roster of cross-sector leaders to explore resiliency, community engagement, economic opportunity, the gig economy, and much more.

I hope you will come on this journey with us. In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy, and remember that we will get through this.