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2019 was a year of unparalleled action. Companies are continuing to look beyond shareholder value, demonstrating corporate purpose in unprecedented ways and joining forces with one another in so doing. Organizations across sectors, industries, and geographies are coming together to deliver services to underserved populations, advocate for the causes they hold dear, and confront the world’s most pressing challenges head on. There has never been a more pivotal time for partnerships—cross-sector partnerships that are bold, impact-driven, and rooted in transforming conversation into action. 

Over 2019, our programming and initiatives remained anchored in our ethos of collaboration. Our 2019 Americas Summit in Bogotá welcomed over 1,800 participants, including current and former heads of state, international C-suite executives, senior administration officials, and nonprofit leaders, and created a platform through which to elevate the power of partnerships in driving the future of the Western Hemisphere. Our 2019 Africa Initiative in London identified innovative opportunities for cross-sector collaboration on the African continent. And we’d be remiss not to mention our 2019 Annual Summit, which served as a premier international hub for nonpartisan, critical dialogue grounded in partnerships and unity. 

As always, we are deeply grateful to our Leadership Council, Advisors, Members, Sponsors, Partners, Speakers, and Board Members for their support, dedication, and guidance.


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