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Productivity and Digital Society

July 27, 2020  | WEBINAR

11:00 am EDT (10:00 am COT)


Digital productivity is one of the most relevant topics in today’s global context, particularly as digitization becomes an increasing need in any organization. With technology at the forefront of both business and social development, big steps have been taken in achieving digitization across all sectors. However, the current environment has only accelerated the need for a quick implementation that tackles the most pressing demands of different industries and sectors.

In this Concordia Live webinar, Fabián Hernández Ramírez, President & CEO of Telefónica Movistar Colombia, Victor Muñoz, Presidential Advisor for Economic Affairs & Digital Transformation of the Republic of Colombia, Cristina Pombo Rivera, Principal Advisor and Head of the Social Digital Cluster of the Inter-American Development Bank, Santiago Pinzón Galán, Vice President of Digital Transformation of The National Business Association of Colombia – ANDI, and María Paula Duque, Senior Vice President of Strategic Relations and Customer Experience of Avianca Holding, discussed the urgent need across society for cross-sector digital productivity. Bringing with them unique perspectives, all speakers illustrated the main challenges and the most pressing needs around achieving broader digitization. They also highlighted the importance of cross-sector collaboration to overcome the challenges that this digitalization entails.