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Innovative Technology to Tackle the Crisis in SMEs

JUNE 30, 2020  | WEBINAR

1:00 pm EDT (12:00 pm COT)


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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all sectors of society around the world. With the first case in Latin America being confirmed on February 25, the number has been continuously increasing and now the region has been declared as the new epicenter of the pandemic. Within this context, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent around 90% of the enterprise network in Colombia, and the economic effects of the pandemic on these companies has resulted in increased financial instability, debt, and unemployment. Considering all the transformations due to the pandemic, the companies that will survive are the ones that have the ability to better understand the new environment, adapt to changes, and highlight the importance of innovative technology within their organization. 

In this Concordia Live Webinar, Nicolás Uribe, President of the Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá (Bogota Chamber of Commerce), and Karen Abudinen, Minister of Information and Communications Technology of the Republic of Colombia, will discuss how innovative technology can help SMEs tackle the crisis and how public-private partnerships in this area can be vital to stopping the economic crisis for enterprises in Colombia and the region.