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In celebration of Global Partnerships Week, the Thomson Reuters Foundation and Concordia kindly invite you to join our upcoming virtual panel discussion on the key role of businesses in the global effort to combat modern-day slavery.

There are an estimated 45 million people held in modern slavery around the world today and illegal profits generated by forced labor amount to $150 billion annually. The global demand for cheap labor is fueling the slave trade and market forces create both the supply and the demand for forced labor. Business can therefore play a critical role in the fight against modern slavery: they have the power to trigger immediate change for workers by simply switching suppliers, by enforcing better auditing and by increasing accountability.

This virtual panel discussion is part of the Concordia Campaign Conversation Series for Public Private Partnerships and will explore concrete business solutions being implemented across the world to root out this scourge. Leading companies will share the innovations, best practices, and challenges they face as well as successful examples of public-private partnerships to combat modern slavery. The panel discussion will also feature a focus on the role of data tools in the fight against modern slavery.

Following this conversation, a report which summarizes the discussion and details key initiatives in this space will be distributed to all participants.


Washington, DC, United States