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In today’s complex global security environment, cooperation and military partnerships have never been more important. From the U.S.-led coalition combatting the threat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria to NATO operations in Afghanistan and the Mediterranean, collaboration between agencies and allies remains key to the successful execution of American national security strategies. As Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for International Affairs, Heidi Grant is responsible for advancing global security by developing partnerships with international air forces to build their capabilities and capacity. Through these efforts, the U.S. Air Force seeks to develop allied and friendly military capabilities for both self-defense and multinational expeditionary operations, and to provide U.S. forces with peacetime and contingency access to host nations. Working at the intersection of policy and industry, Ms. Grant promotes U.S. military technology, equipment, personnel exchanges, and training abroad, overseeing more than 2,000 foreign military sales cases valued at over $100 billion. Interagency partnerships are a key focus, not only for combat operations, but also in delivering humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, as evidenced in the partnership between the military and USAID in response to Hurricane Matthew’s devastation in Haiti. During this roundtable conversation, Ms. Grant and invited participants will discuss shared challenges and opportunities for greater international security cooperation and the role of partnerships in advancing U.S. military and political goals.

For more information, please visit the SAF/IA website and Ms. Heidi Grant’s Facebook page.


The Cornell Club New York, East 44th Street, New York, NY, United States