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Concordia is partnering with Rutgers University to convene the Inaugural International Congress on African Agribusiness & Trade at Rutgers University (ICAAT) that will bring together African agricultural and political leaders with bilateral and multilateral institutions, overseas development organizations, US agribusiness, agricultural investors, technical and policy experts, and African civil society representatives. The event will highlight the importance of aligning with international strategic frameworks that address environmental protection, poverty alleviation, gender rights, tenure rights, sustainable economic growth and more. Investors, African governments and entrepreneurs will learn how alignment with these goals can generate greater opportunities for collaboration, increased access to funding and the development of sustainable, successful and transformative agricultural practices. There will also be a special focus on improving African agricultural education and training and on transforming smallholder farmer subsistence agriculture into agribusiness.

Click here for more information about the conference, or contact Concordia’s Director of Social Impact, Hanne Dalmut, at hdalmut@concordia.net.


Rutgers University Douglass Student Center, 100 George St., New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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