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As part of Global Partnerships Week, this roundtable will convene multi-sector stakeholders to forge international partnerships across the cocoa supply chain. Using the Cameroonian cocoa industry as a case study, FAGRIB (Futures Agribusiness LLC) and Concordia will present a recently-formed partnership aimed at enhancing environmentally and socially responsible practices within the Cameroonian cocoa industry while also improving access to market for smallholder farmers. This partnership engages FAGRIB (the cocoa cooperative secretariat), the Cameroonian Government, and private sector stakeholders to develop a model for the industry. Following the short presentation, participants are invited to respond to the model proposed and share their own partnering best practices or challenges as experienced across West Africa and elsewhere. The roundtable promises to be a dynamic exchange of ideas intended to move the industry as a whole forward.

Logos Cocoa - Catalyzing a Cocoa Revolution: A Cameroonian Case Study


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