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The International Labor Organization estimates that 21 million people worldwide are trapped in forced labor across a variety of industries. Victims are trapped in jobs that they cannot leave through deceit, coercion, and corrupt practices such as debt bondage. Businesses, including large, multinational corporations, have a responsibility to combat labor trafficking in their supply chains, which can prove difficult given the complexity of corporate governance and procurement practices.

On July 8, Concordia brought together expert leaders in the fight against labor trafficking to launch a campaign surrounding the issue. Participants included Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Dan Viederman, CEO of Verité, Nina Smith, Founder and Executive Director of GoodWeave International, Genevieve Taft, Global Manager of Workplace Rights at the Coca-Cola Company, and Rob Lederer, Executive Director of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, and Kilian Moote, Project Director, KnowTheChain. These distinguished panelists discussed what steps companies have taken to combat labor trafficking by identifying and remedying risks and how their proactive efforts can motivate others.

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Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC, United States