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AS PART OF The 2018 Concordia Americas Initiative

Analysts with deep knowledge of politics and public affairs in Colombia, such as Jaime Castro and Fernando Cepeda, have suggested that the 2018 presidential elections are likely to be the most important national elections of the century. In order to promote an informed vote from citizens, a Presidential Debate among the candidates featured on the electoral ballot of the May 27th elections (the first round of elections) will be held in Bogotá, Colombia.  

Candidates will answer questions from the moderators and the audience in an inclusive debate attended by approximately 200 people representing all sectors of the population (large, medium, and small entrepreneurs; representatives from guilds, the academy, and civil society organizations; students and ethnic communities, among others). There will be a convening process that ensures the participation of people who do not usually have access to this type of event.

This event is for Concordia Members only. To learn more, please contact membership@concordia.net.


Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia