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AS PART OF The 2018 Concordia Americas Initiative

Overcoming poverty and creating opportunities for societal progress depend on sustained economic growth and a strengthened private sector. In order to achieve this, immediate structural reforms must be addressed. Significant progress can be made by exploring the following topics:


  • Pension and tax reforms to foster competitiveness
  • Public spending and growth-of-borrowing control commitments
  • Regulations to promote private investment and employment creation
  • The deepening of economic integration mechanisms
  • Defining socially- and environmentally-sustainable parameters for natural resources
  • Formalization, financial inclusion, and containment of criminal economies


As part of Concordia Americas Initiative, this roundtable has been designed to generate dialogue among field leaders, and to identify priority issues to be faced by Colombia’s incoming government regarding economic reactivation and long-term growth in the country.


This event is for Concordia Members only. To learn more, please contact membership@concordia.net.



Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia