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2024 Concordia Europe Summit

May 28-29*, 2024

Palácio do Freixo

Porto, Portugal

*Participants are asked to arrive on the 27th for a welcome reception*

Filling a critical gap in diplomatic conversations shaping Europe and the role of the private sector, the 2024 Concordia Europe Summit will bring together decision makers for a high-level two-day gathering. Mornings will feature closed-door conversations focused on three key themes: The Energy Transition; Economic Growth & Competitiveness; and, Cooperation, Peace & Security. Afternoons will see participants enjoy local cultural activities and networking opportunities across a range of sectors and industries. Through a Concilium format, key leaders will be positioned in front of an intimate, dynamic audience, with the ultimate aim to foster honest and transparent interaction between the public and private sectors. Participants will have the opportunity to share their perspectives with select reporters in dedicated press breakouts and interviews.

Concordia’s Europe Initiative dinner series is held throughout the year in key European cities to build the foundations for the Europe Initiative in terms of both network and focus areas.


How can I participate?

The highest level of engagement at the Concordia Europe Summit is reserved exclusively for members of Concordia. Global Patron Members are organizational year-round members of Concordia’s, receiving a set of passes to Concordia Summits and year-round brand elevation. For a full list of benefits and to apply, email membership@concordia.net.

To learn about programming opportunities through our Programming Partnership and Sponsorship models, email partnerships@concordia.net.

Programming Themes

Cooperation, Peace & Security

Amid an adversarial geopolitical landscape, regional organizations across and beyond Europe must strengthen cooperation to mitigate security risks and promote peace and sovereignty. The multilateral institutions that Europe helped build and that Europeans use to further their interests and values are being reshaped by myriad forces. At the same time, connectedness and cooperation are inextricably linked to the building of trust between nations, the enhancement of international security, and the fostering of global peace. Concerted action of EU member states and their non-EU neighbors on matters such as intelligence, cyber-security, communication, and the movement of people could present multilateral solutions to the international challenges that we are faced with.

Economic Growth & Competitiveness

Navigating inflationary pressures and a possible looming recession, Europe must enhance economic and social resilience across industries, removing barriers to competition and increasing market flexibility. Strengthening trade and commercial activity with strategic partners is critical, as are investments in R&D, re-industrialization, and productivity growth. Boosting digitalization and innovation will require cross-sector coordination and support as Europe looks to strengthen its resilience to future disruptions.

The Energy Transition

As Europe’s future energy strategy accelerates the transition away from fossil fuels, underscored by Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, the bloc and private industry alike must work to raise the share of renewables in the region’s energy mix. In order to achieve the EU’s long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, and climate-neutral economy by 2050, all sectors will have to invest in sustainable and affordable energy, decarbonize infrastructure, diversify supply, and engage in green diplomacy. Working with partners across the African Union, the Gulf States, the U.S., and beyond, European governments and businesses can achieve the desired targets for a clean and secure future.

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