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Concordia Connect redefines the world of networking. Through a unique, year-round service, Concordia Connect pairs you (and your organization) with a dedicated relationship manager to identify your objectives, facilitate strategic introductions with members of the Concordia community, and handle all logistics—from booking private meeting space at Concordia Summits to assisting with follow-ups. This personalized and hands-on experience expands your network, identifies growth and social impact opportunities, and ultimately opens the door to new and innovative partnerships.

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Concordia Connect 

Concordia Connect is an exclusive service dedicated to understanding professional and organizational objectives, identifying partnership opportunities, and facilitating private meetings with the Concordia Community. Concordia Connect will provide you with:

  • A relationship manager dedicated to directly understanding your professional and/or organizational objectives
  • Strategic advice on the Concordia events, sessions, and breakouts you should attend in order to advance your objectives
  • An exclusive opportunity to meet one-on-one with others in the Concordia Community
  • An exclusive opportunity to attend the intimate Concordia Speaker Briefing Series for off-the-record conversations with Concordia Speakers before or after they speak on stage


Are you a Concordia Member interested in advancing your professional and organization’s goals, setting up meetings, and connecting with the Concordia Community? Click the link below to be connected with your dedicated relationship manager.



Concordia Connect is an exclusive benefit of the Concordia Membership program. To learn more about how you can become a Member and take advantage of Concordia Connect and all of Concordia’s Membership benefits, click the link below.

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