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Tyler Fisher Profile Picture - Tyler Fisher

Tyler Fisher

Deputy Director, Unite America

Bio Current as of September 21, 2020

Tyler Fisher is the Deputy Director of Unite America, a Denver-based nonpartisan organization committed to establishing a more representative and functional government by investing in electoral reforms and supporting pragmatic candidates from both parties. In his role, Tyler oversees the organization’s investment portfolio and builds relationships with local, state, and national partners.

Tyler’s current work in politics builds off past experience working for reform organizations as well as engaging across the political aisle. He has spent time recruiting millennials to run for Congress, building a bipartisan policy organization on college campuses, and working at Change.Org on an online endorsement platform. He has also worked for Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY), the Charles Koch Institute, and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Prior to joining Unite America, Tyler was a business transformation consultant with IBM where he worked with Fortune 500 companies in the travel and transportation industry.

Tyler grew up in upstate New York and attended George Mason University where he received degrees in both government and economics. Tyler lives in Denver, Colorado where he enjoys to ski, bike, golf, camp, and read.