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Tomas Rayes - Tomas Rayes

Tomas Rayes

Producer, Chef, Nutritionist, and Host; Masters of Regeneration Radio

Bio Current as of July 21, 2020
Chef. Fermentation and regenerative cuisine expert and recipe formulator.
Founder of Masters of Regeneration Radio which launched in English in July 2018, and in Spanish in July 2019. He has interviewed people like Paul Hawken, Carol Sanford, Beth Rattner at Biomimicry Institute, Daniel Wahl, among many others worldwide.
Co-founder of h.e.r.e communities, an integrative business model to inspire behavioral change in land stewardship through payments for ecosystem services, local economies, and farm to fork food production.

Tomás is the creator of Magia Madre Masterclass (regenerative cuisine and ancestral nourishing traditions courses), and Fuego Ancestral Salsas Probióticas & Alimentos Medicinales, a line of essential lactofermented household sauces (fermented chile morita, aji amarillo, moutarde à l’ancienne, mayonnaise, ketchup) with the objective to revolutionize mass consumption of nutrient-poor products. Fuego Ancestral aims to fully embrace a regenerative business model by providing food products that are high in nutrient density, support the consumers’ microbiome health and immune system, sourcing produce locally and ensuring an environmentally sound production, packaging and distribution strategy.