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Perfil NS 2017 0 - Teryn Wolfe

Teryn Wolfe

CEO and Founder, Measurement Matters

Teryn Wolfe is the Founder and Executive Director of Measurement Matters, a social, environmental and financial value management organization based out of Bogotá, Colombia. She is one of the managing members of the Concordia Coalition on Innovative Finance in Bogotá and an associated professor at the Kellogg´s School of Management Sustainable Finance and Faculty Consortium. She is a certified Social Value Practitioner through Social Value International.

Before the CIFC and Measurement Matters, Teryn was the Executive Director of the E2E Foundation based in Medellín, Colombia; was a former Fulbright Research Scholar and has ample experience in impact management across different sectors such as renewable energy, artisanal and small-scale mining, agricultural production, entrepreneurship and more for both government, non- profits, private sector and investment funds. Measurement Matters is a values-driven company based in Bogotá, Colombia whose mission is to maximize social, environmental and financial value through meaningful collaboration and trustworthy, rigorous analysis.

The CIFC is a collection of companies, multilateral institutions, NGOs, and public sector representatives within the Concordia Community dedicated to advancing awareness, knowledge, and policy related to innovative financing models that promote sustainable and impactful economic growth.