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Telma Ortiz

Outreach Officer, Executive Office

Bio Current as of October 25, 2022

Telma Ortiz Rocasolano is an economist, graduating from Barcelona University. She obtained her postgraduate in International Economics and her Masters in Business Administration and Marketing between Rome, Mexico and Barcelona. She was also a student in Biomedicine program at Barcelona University and  spent more than 10 years in her early career working on the frontline in humanitarian relief projects for large NGO’s – including the Spanish Red Cross, MSF and  organisations such as United Nations and AECID.  Her role was spearheading these projects, with financial planning, overseeing management and operations in crisis situations across Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America.

She is widely traveled and experience has taught her to be always proactive, focused, logistically clever, and solution orientated. Telma is a team player who thrives in intense working environments with targeted timelines.

After four years working as the Deputy Director of  International Relations in Barcelona City Council, Telma moved to promoting, supporting, and developing the work of two leading business schools, ESERP Business and Law School (Spain) and CEIBS (China/Ghana/Switzerland).

She has also worked as an independent consultant over the last three years advising national food companies on change initiatives within their sector.

Telma is a former ballet dancer, and a multi-linguist –  speaking Spanish, Catalan, French, English, Italian, and Portuguese along with a smattering of Arabic.