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Talimka Yordanova - Talimka Yordanova

Talimka Yordanova

Chief Executive Officer, Global Citizen Forum

Bio Current as of July 14, 2020

Talimka Yordanova, who was one of the first members to join the Global Citizen Forum team shortly after its inception in 2013, has been a pioneering voice advocating for global citizenship instrumental to GFF’s  development. As the organization’s  CEO, she is responsible for the daily operations of GCF and strives to constantly align the organization’s efforts to its core mission. A firm believer in the power of dialogue as a catalyst for action, Tali has designed and implemented numerous initiatives in the space of forced migration, refugee crises and climate change. Working alongside the late Kofi Annan, Jose Manuel Barroso, Irina Bokova, various heads of states and government officials, Tyler Brûlé, Robert De Niro, Robin Sharma, Akon, Wyclef Jean, EVE and many others, she has contributed to the evolution of the concept of global citizenship as a cultural hub for cross-sector partnership built on the shared sense of responsibility for the future generations. Prior to her appointment as a CEO in January 2019, Tali served as Global Citizen Forum’s Head of Programming where she was responsible for its curation and overall content. Prior to that, she worked as Head of Development and Government Relations with Arton Capital where she advised a number of governments on tools and mechanisms to attract and increase the inflow of FDI through alternative investment.