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102541 Tabitha Mpamira - Tabitha Mpamira

Tabitha Mpamira

Founder & Director of EDJA, Nyaka

Bio Current as of November 10, 2020

A therapist, activist, motivational speaker, and consultant on sexual and gender-based violence, she founded EDJA to provide free medical, legal, and mental health services to survivors of sexual assault in East Africa. EDJA, now a program under Nyaka Global in Southwestern Uganda, supports hundreds of survivors and brings perpetrators to justice. She was recognized by Global Citizen in 2018 when she won the People’s Choice Waislitz Award. Tabitha is a tireless advocate for those most vulnerable to sexual violence and has been invited to speak across the globe; recent examples include her speech at the Vatican about the urgency of working to end sexual violence and her widely viewed TEDx Talk on the transforming or transferring of trauma. Tabitha is currently pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology with a specialization in sexual trauma.