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sinan eraydin headshot 220x220 - Sinan Eraydin

Sinan Eraydin

Founder & CEO, SiberZincer

Bio Current as of March 27, 2024

Sinan Eraydin is a Turkish-American entrepreneur based in Washington, D.C., who runs cybersecurity companies in Istanbul and Washington, D.C. Both companies provide consulting, training tools, and specialized services in cyberspace, namely in the fields of cybersecurity, digital forensics, cyber intelligence, and defensive/offensive cyber operations. Mr. Eraydin is an Academic Advisor and an Instructor at the NATO Center of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism in Ankara, Turkey.

Mr. Eraydin focuses on establishing 2nd track diplomacy relations across the Atlantic and helping stakeholders in different sectors to build ties for future collaborative work. He is a Senior Fellow at the Cyber Security Forum Initiative, responsible for all matters regarding US-Turkey relations. Mr. Eraydin was appointed as a member of the Concordia Advisory Council in 2024.

Mr. Eraydin holds degrees in BSc Software Engineering, an MA in Global Politics & and International Relations from Bahcesehir University, and an MPS Strategic Cyber Operations & and Information Management degree from George Washington University. He is an executive education alum of the Harvard Kennedy School and the Institute of World Politics. Mr. Eraydin continues his academic studies at Liberty University, pursuing a PhD in Public Policy specializing in national security.