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Sergio Figueredo

Executive Director, Choco4Peace

Bio Current as of May 8, 2019

As the executive director of Choco4Peace, Mr. Sergio Figueredo leads the development of the business and networks that aim to support the construction of peace by empowering war victims in the cacao and agriculture sector through innovative financial models and Hyper-ledger Blockchain technology. During his tenure at the Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade (FAST), he developed and managed an Impact Investment Matchmaking Platform (AXiiS) that attracted a pool of financial institutions with total assets under management of $6.4 Billion USD. Additionally, he was in charge of actively promoting investment to reactivate the cacao sector in El Salvador. 

Originally from Colombia, Sergio carries over eight years of experience in business development, sales, finance and investment relations with international banks, non-for-profits organizations (NGOs), and development financial institutions. He brings an academic background in Economics, International Affairs, and Project Management.