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Rody 2015 0 220x220 - Dr. Rody Hawkins

Dr. Rody Hawkins

President & CEO, Improved Nature

Bio Current as of September 18, 2019

Dr. Rody Hawkins has over 30 years of experience with developing and implementing new food products and solving complex problems for many large, medium and small food companies. He has done contract work for over 130 different food companies and he worked for two of the largest US food companies: Oscar Mayer Foods, a division of Kraft-Heinz and ConAgra Foods. For Oscar Mayer in the 1980s he created the concept and product known as “Lunchables” and for ConAgra in the late 1980s through the 1990s he developed the technology that led to the growth of the meat snack market. Using this knowledge, he developed shelf stable rations for the US Military, NATO Militaries, and UN feeding programs.

Now, Rody and his business partners have turned their attention on developing and implementing new food products from plants. Improved Nature was established in 2014 and has a proprietary technology that allows it to make fibers out of plant protein. These fibers are formed together to make various shapes that have the texture, taste, look, nutritional profile, cooking parameters, and eating sensation as meat and fish products. This technology is so flexible, efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective that it can seamlessly replace meat products without giving up any of its perceived benefits. Improved Nature is mitigating the rising social and environmental pressures of population growth by feeding the world with tastily sustainable protein.