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Rodrigo Arenas Headshot - Rodrigo Arenas Echeverria

Rodrigo Arenas Echeverria

CEO, República

Bio Current as of June 2, 2021

Rodrigo Arenas was born in Guatemala in 1975. He has his Bachelors degree in business administration. Additionally, he is an entrepreneur, the founder of Habitare Desarrollos, and a civic entrepreneur and activist.He is the co-founder and president of the Movimiento Civico Nacional (National Civic Movement) in Guatemala, which started in 2009. The National Civic Movement, or MCN, is a non-profit organization that promotes informed, active, and responsible citizen participation in national issues. It is also focused on renewal of the political class for the restoration of our Republic with the “Cantera” project, which aims to identify, motivate and empower young leaders.He is also Founder and President of Republica.Gt, a digital investigative journalism newspaper, focused on informing citizens and strengthening liberty ideas, mainly for Latin America. Rodrigo Arenas is also founding the Citizen Council for Progress in the Americas, a non-profit organization that aims to create a citizen network in order to improve and change the weak institutions in Latin America.