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Richard Griffiths 220x220 - Richard Griffiths

Richard Griffiths

Senior International Advisor, Dentons

Bio Current as of May 7, 2020

Richard is a member of Dentons’ Public Policy and Regulation practice and a senior member of the Firm’s Emerging Democracies group. Richard has more than 15 years’ experience providing international policy advocacy, crisis management and foreign policy advisory services to foreign national governments, including those of Antigua and Barbuda, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya, Libya, Qatar, Sri Lanka, St. Lucia, Tanzania, Uganda, Ukraine and Zimbabwe.

Richard’s diverse yet complementary capabilities include international law, sovereign and head of state advisory, foreign policy, government sector crisis communications and strategy, international lobbying, UN agency advocacy, and investment promotion.

Richard is currently a senior international advisor to the State of Qatar.

Meanwhile, Richard continues to advise various heads of state on political campaigns and is highly regarded for his strategic insight and collaborative approach. Richard is a special advisor to the president of Special Olympics, a leading organization for competitive athletes with intellectual disabilities and a global movement involving more than 169 countries and 5.3 million participants.

Richard is currently a visiting professor at London South Bank University’s Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, where he teaches courses on international development studies and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, an international treaty that serves as a framework for diplomatic relations among its 191 signatory states. Prior to joining Dentons, Richard was a senior international advisor at another law firm in Washington, DC, where he helped launch an international trade consulting practice. Before that, he served as executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Libya.

Mr. Griffiths served as the Principal Advisor to the State of Qatar’s UNESCO Director-General candidature which involves the management of an international campaign directed at 58 executive board member states.

Mr. Griffiths was appointed as special advisor to the President of Special Olympics in 2016.

Mr. Griffiths was appointed as senior advisor to the President of the IPU (Interparlimentary Union).

Mr. Griffiths was appointed as a senior advisor the United Nations, as a subject matter expert (UNITAR).