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Richard Crespin

CEO, CollaborateUp

Bio Current as of May 12, 2021

As CEO of CollaborateUp, Richard leads the company’s overall strategy, methodology development, and client service. He has responsibility for the financial health, growth, and delivery of the firm’s value to clients. He also leads several of its key client programs and oversees CollaborateUp Academy, a modular set of courses for private sector executives, government officials, and civil society leaders that teach high-value dynamic skills such as co-creation, human centered design, facilitation and more. As a successful serial entrepreneur, skilled facilitator, and internationally recognized expert on innovation, Richard brings more than 27 years of experience leading and driving dramatic improvement in public, private, and civil sector organizations. Richard developed the CollaborateUp Formula to provide clients with a defined and repeatable way of engaging internal and external stakeholders to develop focused strategic plans, results-driven performance management systems, and effective communications programs, all of which combine to increase the ability of organizations to engage their workforce and get results faster at lower cost.