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photo 220x220 - Reynal Bedoya Rodriguez

Reynal Bedoya Rodriguez

Executive Director

Since 2015 Reynel Fernando Bedoya Rodríguez is the Executive Director of Computadores para Educar. He is a professional in Electronic Engineering with postgraduate studies in Project Management and Negotiation, thanks to his experience in issues related to connectivity, promotion and appropriation of technologies, he was part of the team that developed the State Policy “Plan Vive Digital” 2014-2018 of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications.

Under his leadership, Computadores para Educar has actively promoted social equity by providing technological tools and training to the educational community to transform the way of teaching and learning in the classroom, and promoting the strategy of social environmental responsibility through the resumption of computer equipment in disuse.

Among the most important achievements in its management is: Reduce 4 children per team (in 2010 there were 24 children per team) , by means of the delivery of computers and tablets for the public educational institutions of the country, reaching a coverage 99% of the national territory. Benefit about 160 thousand teachers with training and tablets, to strengthen their skills in the use and pedagogical use of technology, while training more than 1 million 100 thousand parents in basic computer use. The emission of 14,013 tons of CO2 was avoided, which is equivalent to having stopped cutting 1 million 167 thousand 750 trees per year, within the framework of the environmental strategy.

Thanks to its vision and management, Computadores para Educar has become an international benchmark, supporting the formulation of ICT policies for education in Guatemala and Bolivia, and initiating a cooperation project with Kenya with a validity of 3 years. He has been invited to international stages in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Brazil, as a success story.