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Rahel Getachew 220x220 - Rahel Getachew

Rahel Getachew

Founder & Managing Director, Abrabrand

Bio Current as of October 4, 2018

Rahel Getachew is an entrepreneur and founder of Abrabrand, a brand marketing, trade and publishing company for multicultural markets and is driven by ICT. Abrabrand focuses on country image, product branding and user experiences. After a wide-ranging domestic and international experience in Africa and North America, Rahel launched her business to extend her extensive experience in global affairs, public diplomacy, ICT, organizational change and creative productions with the aim to strengthen Africa – North America relations, and with the goal of consistently entering the multicultural marketplace of ideas and products into the psyche of consumers and various stakeholders.

As strategy and knowledge are essential components of branding, she attends various conferences, seminars and high-level meetings on International order and security, global affairs and emerging markets. Rahel has been an occasional speaker on topics like branding, youth and women entrepreneurship, and International trade at various institutions including the Wilson Center, on Africa Today TV and on “Your Mark on the World” by Forbes contributor Devin Thorpe .

A graduate of Concordia University and an ICT certified professional, Rahel is a multi-linguist, fluent in English, French and Amharic, and proficient in Spanish. She has worked in countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Benin and Ethiopia and is a member of Top Ladies of Distinction; a Texas based humanitarian organization with 22 Chapters across the US.