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Miller 220x220 - Philip Miller

Philip Miller

Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs, Monsanto

Bio Current as of September 14, 2017

Philip Miller is the VP of Global Corporate Affairs and Integration Lead for Communications and Regulatory/Government Affairs at Monsanto. Dr. Miller drives strategic business development and long-term competitive advantage for market growth and expansion. He has a proven track record of contributing to enterprise-wide solutions in global agricultural business development, government policies, and the agriculture industry at large. He works to deliver key performance measures based on vision and core value propositions and build strategies to current and future market trends.

Dr. Miller takes pride in building customer and stakeholder relationships and aligning process-driven collaboration across borders. In his role as VP, he protects and enhances the Monsanto brand by investing in key global networks, creating innovative solutions, solving challenging problems, and guiding cross-functional/cross-cultural teams to develop methodologies and standards that result in best practices, quality enhancement, and competitive growth.

Dr. Miller’s areas of expertise include global policy strategy, strategic business development, portfolio management, competitive and market intelligence, brand reputation, public/government affairs, communications, cross-cultural leadership, global regulatory policy, issues/crisis management, innovation, and talent management.