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peter guglielmino - Peter Guglielmino

Peter Guglielmino

Global CTO, Media and Entertainment, IBM

Bio Current as of September 23, 2018

Peter Guglielmino is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and has worldwide responsibility as CTO for IBM’s Media & Entertainment Industry. In this capacity, he is responsible for developing the architectures that will serve as the basis for the IBM media offerings relating to media enabled Micro-Services infrastructures, digital media archives, secure content distribution networks and blockchain technology.

Peter has chosen to focus on the Media and Entertainment Industry which allowed him to cultivate his passion for working with recording media. He gives back to the community by running a recording studio in his spare time working with emerging artists. That passion became his area of expertise as he has worked to develop solutions for key industry players, represented IBM on standard bodies and been at the nexus as “video” has become a new data type. Peter works with IBM customers across the globe to drive business value from the application of technology to business issues. Peter also works with IBM Research, the IBM Academy, and standards groups inside and outside IBM to better understand how these technologies can be applied to solve customer business challenges and drive innovation across all industries.