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Nick Penniman 220x220 - Nick Penniman

Nick Penniman

President & CEO, Issue One

Bio Current as of September 14, 2018

Nick is currently the President and CEO of Issue One. Formerly, Nick was the founder and executive director of the Huffington Post Investigative Fund; founder and CEO of the American News Project; Washington director of the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy; publisher of The Washington Monthly magazine; executive editor of TomPaine.com; associate editor of the American Prospect; director of the Alliance for Democracy; editor of the Lincoln Journal; and associate editor of the Missouri Historical Society.

In 2016, he coauthored Nation on the Take. Published by Bloomsbury Press, it received praise from a politically diverse group, including historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, former Republican Senator Alan Simpson, New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof, former George W. Bush communications director Mark McKinnon, and Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders.

He has served on multiple nonprofit boards and advisory boards, including the Center for Responsive Politics and the Homeless Empowerment Project.