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Natasha Buccholz Portrait scaled e1650476727964 220x220 - Natasha Buchholz

Natasha Buchholz

Business and Operations Manager, International Development Enterprises (iDE)

Bio Current as of April 20, 2022

As Business and Operations Manager, Natasha works to ensure an effective and results driven structure across iDE Mozambique’s portfolio. She plays a cross-cutting role, supporting both senior leadership and technical teams to meet the strategic goals of the organization, helping the former identify, jointly develop, and operate projects and assisting the latter to ensure execution and support day-to-day operations.

Natasha is a skilled communicator, who thrives when working to transform “blue-sky thinking” into something impactful–especially for rural entrepreneurs. Before joining iDE, Natasha managed a language and research fellowship at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane’s College of Arts and Social Sciences. In previous roles she has led various aspects of project development and assessment around community based natural resource management, and local governance structures.

Natasha holds BAs in Political Science, International Affairs, and Economics from Simmons University. Her maternal languages are Spanish and German but she is also a speaker of English, Portuguese, and French. 

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