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Naomi Cahn Headshot - Naomi Cahn

Naomi Cahn

Director, Family Law Center, University of Virginia School of Law

Bio Current as of May 19, 2021

Naomi Cahn teaches and writes in the areas of family law, gender and the law, and feminist jurisprudence. With June Carbone (Minnesota) and Nancy Levit (UMKC), she is the co-author of the forthcoming Shafted:  The Fate of Women in a Winner-Take-All World (Simon & Schuster).  Cahn has written or co-authored more than ten other books, and she is a Senior Contributor to the Forbes Leadership Channel.  Prior to joining the University of Virginia faculty in 2020, she taught at George Washington Law School, where she twice served as associate dean. She is the director of UVA Law’s Family Law Center.